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Jane Staffford, Salt Spring Island, BC
Jane Stafford has been weaving for most of her life. She has been exploring the design of cloth – the structure, the graphic, and, of course, the colour – for over 40 years, and she sees no end to the joy of discovery.  She began weaving at 21,  in Thunder Bay, Ontario and two years later was accepted as an under-qualified, but very ambitious student at the Banff School of Fine Arts, spending the next 7 years immersed in textiles.  In subsequent years, Jane has had the great fortune to be able to earn a living doing what she loves most, weaving, and sharing her passion for excellence in cloth.  She has been both a production weaver and a workshop instructor and was the recipient of the “Teacher of the Year” award from Handwoven Magazine in 2014. Jane now teaches exclusively from her studio on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia and through JST’s online guild, sharing her workshops with weavers all over the world.  (162)

Amy Tyler, Interlochen, Michigan
Amy has formal training in modern dance, kinesiology, and physiology. After years working in an academic setting, she left the academic life to pursue fiber arts. Now she teaches spinning at venues across USA and Canada and is well known for her animated and engaging teaching style. She has published articles in Spin-Off and PLY Magazine. Her art and science backgrounds give her a keen understanding of learning movement skills, composition, pattern recognition, and systematic exploration. The result is her focus on spinning technique, texture, three-dimensional structure, and knit designs that exploit handspinning techniques. You can find out more about her work on her website, http://www.stonesockfibers.com and on her blog, http://stonesockblog.blogspot.com.  (111)



Jette Vandermeiden, Hillsdale, Ontario 
Jette has been creating textiles since early childhood.  Studying weaving, embroidery, knitting and bobbin lace at college led her to find her strength in weave theory, structure and design of cloth.  Jette is a consultant to museums, documentary researchers, and developers of weaving curriculum for college fibre arts programs.  A prolific writer and teacher, Jette has conducted classes and workshops across Canada, USA and England and was a regular FIBREFOCUS contributor with Loom Bench column. She weaves damask and Scandinavian weaves on her drawlooms, and volunteers at several museums, consulting on the Jacquard loom.  Her goal is to share weaving skills so this ancient craft will continue to enrich our lives.  (111)

Harriet Boon, Desboro, Ontario
Fibre and textiles have always been in Harriet’s life. She became a leader with the Ontario Handspinning Seminar in 1975 and earned her Master Spinner/Dyer Certificate from Georgian College in 1976. Since then she has continuously taught spinning and dyeing and is a certified Ontario Wool Judge.   Recently Harriet intensively studied special dye techniques, particularly Medieval Dyes in the Low Countries and indigo/natural dyes with Michel Garcia in Lariss, France.  (70)

Linda Elkins, London, Ontario
Linda learned to weave as a child in her Grandmother’s studio, and continues to be inspired by generations of family weaving tradition. In recent years she has been challenged to explore what is possible using the rigid heddle loom, and shares what she learns at the Little Red Mitten in St. Thomas. She is passionate about colour and creating objects that are useful, beautiful and well crafted.  (67)

Sharon Gardiner, Waterloo, Ontario
Sharon got hooked on weaving after taking a week-long beginner course. 30 years later, weaving has become an obsession.  As a life-long learner, Sharon is close to finishing the Frances Forstner weaving home study program.  Her primary weaving interest area varies but a consistent aspect is taking the weaving a step beyond by constructing items, incorporating surface design or embellishment. (60)

Nancy Latchford, London, Ontario
Very early on Nancy began playing with needle and thread.  It became a passion, evolving into a working art practice. She specializes in coiled basketry, an ancient technique that offers infinite possibilities for shape and form. Her materials are often dyed with Procion MX Dyes and Indigo. Nancy teaches, lectures and actively works in her craft.  Her baskets can be seen on the Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery website, https://www.jonathons.ca/   (68)

Kathy Morgan, London, Ontario
A fibre-enthusiast for many years, Kathy enjoys spinning, weaving, coiled basketry, needle lace and kumihimo as well as traditional English bobbin lace.  In 1995, Kathy completed the OHS – Handspinning Certificate Program and was the recipient of the Ted Carson Award as Top Graduating Student.   When not busy in her studio, Kathy enjoys teaching and demonstrating to help broaden public awareness of the fibre arts. (64)

Cheryl Sheridan, Collingwood, Ontario
Cheryl Sheridan is a weaver, dyer and sock cranker.  She operates The Barn Studio, in picturesque Collingwood, Ontario, which houses more than 20 looms so individuals can drop in, experience and use their imagination to create a one of a kind handwoven piece.  More recently, Cheryl is exploring the world’s waste in the textile industry and how to re-purpose and re-use cloth instead of tossing into the landfill.  (68)

Flannery Surette, London, Ontario
Flannery Surette is a trained archaeologist and is an expert on the textiles of the Peruvian Andes. She has over ten years experience in textile craft including spinning, weaving, embroidery and knitting and has an ongoing interest in the reconstruction of traditional techniques based on archaeological discoveries.  (47)

Susan Thompson, Guelph, Ontario
Susan took her first weaving class 40 years ago at Niagara College in St. Catharines.  Having a background in sewing, she was motivated to weave her own textiles to make vests, jackets, coats and fashion accessories.  Susan has completed the OHS Weaving Certificate Programme, graduating with distinction in 2017, has retired from a career as a public school teacher and now enjoys presenting workshops and offering instruction for beginning weavers.  (70)

 Janice Watterworth, London, Ontario
Janice Watterworth’s passion is sharing the “Spinning Bug” with others.  She is a seasoned spinner and an experienced teacher who has taught many spinning and dyeing classes in Ontario. Janice is a graduate of the 6 year OHS Spinning Certificate Program and is a member of the London District Weavers and Spinners Guild.  (53)

Kathy White, Stratford, Ontario
Fibre artist Kathy White considers her grandmother, mother, Girl Guide leaders, 4-H leaders, art teachers, and mentors to be her greatest teachers and hopes her art continues an ongoing conversation about the role of women, fibres and needlecraft in the art world. White is concerned that local flora and fauna is threatened by encroaching cities and the industrialization of agriculture. Her work celebrates the beauty of these disappearing landscapes. (69)

Diane Woods, Dundas, Ontario
Diane has been weaving since 1972.  She received her OHS Master Weaver designation in 1992, taught weaving classes at the Burlington Art Center for 17 years and has given weaving workshops in Ontario and California.   She served on the OHS Board and is the instructor for Frances Forstner Homestudy Units 3 and 13. Currently, Diane writes the Loom Bench column in FIBREFOCUS.   (63)


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Send payment along with this form to: Lynda King, 256892 25th Line RR2 Lakeside ON, N0M 2G0. Make duplicate copies of this form and submit one copy with each entry.


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