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DOROTHY LOOM CONVERSION KIT Handcrafted, wooden 4-lever lifting kit eliminates those nasty side metal levers. Fits all widths of the Dorothy loom & can be installed for right or left-handed use. More information available by contacting Cheryl Sheridan at


LeClerc 45” Fanny loom, includes three reeds (8, 10, 12), bench, accessories. Pick-up in Markham. $600. Collection of yarn (mostly Scottish wool) available for FREE. Contact:


Two Looms for sale. Both looms are in Muskoka (Port Carling) but can be brought to Toronto (Mimico) if there is a sufficiently interested party. Lighter wood loom is a 48”, 4-harness Leclerc, includes bench, accessories and a couple of books. Asking $650. Darker wood loom is 45” 8-harness (Stehedco). Asking $450.

Contact Fred 705-764-1291 –


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