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DOROTHY LOOM CONVERSION KIT Handcrafted, wooden 4-lever lifting kit eliminates those nasty side metal levers. Fits all widths of the Dorothy loom & can be installed for right or left-handed use. More information available by contacting Cheryl Sheridan.


45-inch Harrisville Loom, four shafts plus two additional four-shaft switching harnesses. There is also a 60” warp extender and extra shuttles. Price negotiable: Contact Glenn


60”- 12-shaft loom with Mechanical DobbyHead, Double Warp Beam (both not in Photo) and Inserted Eye Heddles. Lightly used 12 months and stored. Replacement value $10,000. Send offers to Cooperclan


8-HARNESS LECLERC COUNTERMARCHE CONVERSION LOOM $2,600, Leclerc bench, 4 reeds, raddle, shuttles, lease sticks holder, 13-yard warping frame. Middlesex Centre Strathroy area. Contact Colleen


Techniques of Rug Weaving by Peter Collingwood. Copyright 1968. Excellent condition with dust jacket intact. Asking $85. Please contact Colleen.


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