Awards & Scholarships

The Ontario Handweavers and Spinners is able to offer a number of Awards for excellence and service to the organization, thanks to the generosity of many donors.

OHS Education Awards

Ted Carson Award
Presented to top graduating student in OHS Spinning Certificate program attaining an overall average of at least 85%.

Bunty Hogg Award
Presented to top graduating student in OHS Weaving Certificate course achieving a minimum overall average of 85%.

OHS Merit Pin
Presented to top graduating student in an OHS Certificate program and to all Master Spinners and Master Weavers.

Volunteer Service Award
Presented to a volunteer who has made a significant contribution to weaving and/or spinning in Ontario. They need not be an OHS member.

OHS Show Awards

Please apply to the OHS Awards Chair for these awards prior to your show.

OHS Prizes for Regional Seminars or Guild Juried Shows
The OHS has the following items available for Regional Seminars to use as awards or prizes: OHS Logo Pin, OHS Individual Membership and a cash prize of $25.

These three items are also available to Guilds which are OHS members, and are sponsoring a Juried show, to be used as Awards for the Juried show.

OHS Merit Pin
Best of Show awarded at Juried regional shows. This pin is only awarded to Best of Show at a Juried shows. The Juried show can be sponsored by the OHS, a Region or a Guild.

Honorable Mention Awards
Are awarded at the discretion of the Jurors at an OHS Juried Show.

Carrie Oliphant Award
Awarded for best use of a 4-shaft weaving technique using a minimum of 60% cotton at an OHS Juried Show. This award was established by the Treadle Trompers in memory of Carrie Oliphant.

Madeleine Smith Award
Awarded for excellence in a loom controlled woven article at an OHS Juried Show.

Awards Presented by the OHS to Other Organizations

OHS Spinning Award
Presented for best use of handspun in an woven article at the Ontario Handspinning Seminar.


The OHS has a Scholarship program to encourage learning in weaving and spinning. Scholarships are available for both individuals and member guilds. These scholarships are provided through the generosity of many donors, and their contributions are gratefully acknowledged.

Information about the scholarships and application forms may be found by clicking on the appropriate category below.

Individual Scholarship Application Form Overview

Individual Scholarship Application Form Part 1 Fillable

Individual Scholarship Application Form Part 2

Guild Scholarship Application Form Overview

Guild Scholarship Application Form Part 1 Fillable

Guild Scholarship Application Form Part 2

Applications for all scholarships need to be e-mailed to the Awards Chair – – so that they arrive on or before February 1 of each calendar year.