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Summer 2021

Cotton Spinning Challenge

Fibre Focus and the OHS would like to invite all spinners of all levels and experience to stretch their spinning skills this summer.

Nothing says summertime like cotton t-shirts and denim shorts, cotton sun dresses, and brightly coloured cotton tablecloths and tea towels. The hot days of summer can be an inspiration for spinners everywhere. You might prefer not to spin warm fibres like wool and alpaca in the summertime, but cotton was made for spinning in hot weather. It is light and cool, and a small amount can turn into metres and metres of yarn. We know that Fibre Focus readers are up to the challenge of spinning this wonderful fibre.

Challenge:  Cotton Spinning

Rules: None! 

Due Date: September 1, 2021

Details: Spin cotton – any kind, from any source, using any tool. Then fill in the accompanying form, take a few photographs and send them both to Julia Lee at We will print your cotton story and photos in the upcoming Winter Issue of Fibre Focus.

New to spinning cotton? There are several Ontario fibre suppliers that carry cotton for spinning in a variety of natural shades as well as a range of beautifully dyed colours. 

Have you already tried spinning cotton and want a different challenge? Try a different cotton spinning tool – if you usually spin on a wheel, try spinning on a supported spindle or if you spin cotton on a spindle, try your hand at spinning on a charkha. Or, you can also try spinning a different preparation. Is your go-to prep in the form of punis? Spinning from rovings or ginned fibre may give you new insight into this lovely fibre.

Maybe you have discovered a tip or trick that would help other spinners. 

We would love for you to take up this fibre, spin it, and tell us about it! 

Note: All printed submissions will be financially compensated.

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