Artisans for Hire

Many OHS members are artisans with their own textile-related businesses. The following lists indicate the types of services that they offer. Please contact the artisan directly if you are interested in their services.

If you are an OHS member and would like to join this list,  just get in touch. 

Instruction - Spinning

Patricia Gillies
Wellington County, Ontario
Spinning classes and workshops at a range of levels; guided breed study; knitting coaching

Diane Gonthier
Saint-François-Xavier-De-Viger, Quebec
Spinning, fibre preparation, and felt-making lessons; workshops; lectures; studio residencies

Julia Lee
Toronto, Ontario
Spinning lessons and workshops for beginners or more advanced levels; online talks and demonstrations on various spinning topics

Beth Showalter
Waterloo, Ontario
Spinning classes focussing on multi-plied yarns, camelid fibres, paper, or space-dyed rovings

Instruction - Weaving

Lisa Graves
Bobcaygeon, Ontario
Beginning and intermediate weaving classes, in person or online

Susi Reinink
Yarker, Ontario
Advanced workshops on many aspects of weaving; card/tablet weaving; drafting and designing

Other Services

Julia Lee
Toronto, Ontario
Spinning commissions accepted, including pet fur; handspun knitted tapestries